Students say ‘thanks’ to those who’ve helped out

Alex Davidson

Staff Writer

This week, students took the time to thank people who helped them with something on Parkland’s campus. Four students who couldn’t do something themselves were reached out to at some point, and they would like to say “thanks” to the ones who did it.

Ashley Greene would like to thank the person who helped her find her class in September.

“I was having a really bad week,” Greene said. “Pretty much everything was going wrong at the moment, and then, on top of everything else, I couldn’t find one of my classes.”

She described the person as about five-and-a-half feet tall, with brown hair and glasses. She did not get the person’s name, but she is incredibly grateful to him for showing her around campus.

“I was looking for my class,” Greene said. “I don’t know why, but I couldn’t find my way around the D-wing, and I somehow managed to get lost for 20 minutes. I was just about to cry, and he walked up and offered to help me. With everything going on then, he really made my week just by offering to show me where to go, and he was so nice about it, too.”

Miles Haug would like to thank Mariah Sherman for helping him study in his statistics class.

“Usually, I do fine in math classes,” Haug said. “But for some reason, that specific one really [messed] me up. I couldn’t seem to do well on a single assignment. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get through it without failing.”

Sherman, another Parkland student who took the class before, offered to help Haug out and try to get him to a passing grade. They studied for weeks, and eventually, his grade started to go up.

“She really helped me out,” Haug said. “If she didn’t offer to help me, there’s no way I would have passed the class, and I couldn’t drop it, either, since it’s required for my degree.”

Olivia Brady thanks Alex Cox for helping her take notes for a class.

“I had just started my new job,” Brady said. “I could control my hours for the most part, but between eleven o’clock and four o’clock I had to be at the office. Everybody had to be there, not just me. And I had a class that went until twelve, so I asked Cox to take notes for me and email them when the class was over.”

Brady and Cox met up to discuss what happened on a regular basis as well, in order to keep her up-to-date on any and all assignments.

“I was really grateful,” Brady said “This job meant a lot to me, and if I couldn’t find somebody to give me notes and keep me updated, I would have had to choose between the [job and the class], and that wasn’t exactly appealing to me.”

Sherman thanks Chandra Galloway for sitting with her one day at the beginning of the semester.

“I was just sitting alone between classes,” Sherman said. “I didn’t really have friends then, and the two people that I actually knew weren’t on campus that day, so at the time I was kind of lonely.”

Galloway approached Sherman and offered to sit with her.

“We talked about a few different things,” Sherman said. “Classes, movies, anime. It really helped me out, I wasn’t feeling great that day and the fact that somebody came and was nice to me kind of made everything a little bit better.”

Sherman said she hasn’t seen Galloway since then.

“I’ve got other friends now, and we didn’t exchange contact information,” Sherman said. “And I think we’ve just missed each other since then.”