Parkland hosted private university transfer fair

Derian Silva

Staff Writer

Summer is getting closer and quite a few of Parkland’s students are getting ready to graduate with their associate degrees.

During such an exciting time for them, prospective transfer students may also be overwhelmed as they try and decide what to do with their futures.

While some might have already sent out applications to universities, others may still be looking for a program that fits their needs as students.

Parkland worked to help ease the process by hosting a transfer fair at the end of last month, featuring a plethora of Illinois educational institutions. The college has teamed up with Private Illinois Colleges and Universities to offer students a convenient way to see things that private universities in Illinois may have to offer.

Students who are worried about private colleges not accepting credits from Parkland can be reassured because, before the transfer fair, PICU had meetings with the advisors at Parkland to inform them of the various transfer programs available to students. It is a cooperative effort aimed at setting students up to succeed and not left in the dark about anything.

It is never too early to start looking at transfer programs. Planning early allows students to be aware of what classes they should be taking. It also helps students to have a goal in mind as to where they want to go.

Although it is not encouraged, some universities and colleges are willing to accept students without a completed associate degree. Essentially, students get general education classes out of the way and go straight into their programs at another university and or college.

Transfer fairs like the one at Parkland give students an easy way to browse schools in a more personal manner than online.

During Parkland’s fair, university staff at the tables asked students a few questions about their interests and then spoke about the programs offered at the school, as well as tuition and the various scholarship opportunities available. Staff also provided a wide explanation of the various extra-curricular activities associated with majors.

Should students leave a fair and realize they have a few more questions they didn’t think to ask, they can use the personal business cards handed out by presenters at each table instead of searching online for the appropriate department and their contact.

To learn more about Private Illinois Colleges and Universities and to see a schedule of upcoming fairs visit To contact Parkland’s academic advising counselors, go to room U267, call 217-351-2219, or visit