Black History Month continues at Parkland

Destiny Norris

Staff Writer

As February continues so does Black History Month, with events at Parkland being organized by the Black History Month committee.

Some events that have already occurred include Black HIV/AIDS awareness day, the Black Student Success Project’s first of two presentations on relationships, and just recently the debut of Alicia Henry’s exhibit entitled “Home,” located in Parkland’s Giertz Gallery.

The reception and artist lecture was held on the evening of Feb. 16, in the reception area outside the gallery. Along with formal artistic choices and an explanation of her process, Henry discussed her work, her family, and her inspiration for the collection.

A local, Henry has built close relationships in the Champaign-Urbana community that have helped her along her journey as an artist. She saluted many
people at the exhibit for their roles in her artistic and personal development.

When discussing this particular collection, Henry said she focused on the people and experiences that made it possible. One particular source of inspiration was her travels. She has traveled all over the world, including time in Ghana with the Peace Corps and multiple grants and fellowships including a Guggenheim grant.

The themes of connection and isolation within communities played an influential role in the collection, making Henry’s choice to display them in a place that she has roots significant.

“I wanted it to feel like coming home,” Henry said during her gallery talk.

Henry also gave a spotlight to members of the gallery board, as well as members of the Black History Month committee who were in attendance, highlighting their hard work to make the exhibit possible.

Another event was the Black History Month Luncheon, held on Friday, Feb. 17.

On Saturday, Feb. 18, a community service project was held in conjunction with the food pantry. On Feb. 21, there was a presentation titled “Black Lives Matter: Mainstream Media vs. Reality.”

Events celebrating Black History Month will continue through the end of February, with the last event being held on Feb. 27. There will be seminars and projects being held from now until then as well.

On Feb. 22, part two of the Black Student Success Project’s informational forum on relationships will be in room U140 from 1–2 p.m.

Feb. 27 is the last formal event being held, titled “‘Stop Lying, Doc!’ The Relationship of Medical Professionals and African Americans”. This event will take place in room U140 from 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

The gallery exhibit sponsored by the Black History Month committee displaying Alicia Henry’s “Home” will also be open and available to staff, students, and the public until March 28th.

For more information regarding events visit the Parkland College homepage and click on “Black History Month 2017 Events” under the “In the News” heading.