Profiles of Parkland: Alec Ballard

Photo of Alec Ballard by Scott Wells

Photo of Alec Ballard by Scott Wells

Scott Wells

Staff Writer

If it was up to WPCD radio personality Alec Ballard to decide where he would be working after finishing his college studies, in his eyes there is really only one option.

“I’d like to work for ESPN radio,” he said.

Ballard, who was born in Iowa, graduated from St. Joseph Ogden High School prior to attending Parkland. Choosing to major in communications seemed to be the logical choice.

“I feel like I have a good radio voice,” he said. “And, I like talking to people.”

Not only has he served as an on-air personality, but he has also gotten a taste of the production side of the business, and has taken part in some of the radio dramas that have been broadcast over past semesters.

The radio dramas helped him learn what it is like to work in a team environment.

“The radio shows were stressful but fun,” he said. “They were definitely a learning experience.  I had to depend upon others, not just myself.”

In a culture increasingly moving towards on-demand access and automation, Ballard feels that the live on-air radio personality is an irreplaceable component in the world of broadcast media.

“I don’t think live talent will go away,” he said. “We will always need people to report events as they are happening.”

Ballard is grateful for the education and guidance he has received from both his instructors at Parkland—and the friends he has made along the way.

“I’d like to thank Deane Geiken and Adam Porter for teaching me all of the things they have taught to me over the past three years,” he said. “Also, thanks to Katie Swindle for sharing my same love for sports and getting into plenty of arguments with me.”

Geiken is the current director of WPCD, and Porter is a communications teacher at Parkland. Swindle was another of WPCD’s student radio personalities.

Ballard hopes to follow in the footsteps of his favorite ESPN broadcasters Freddy Coleman, Jalen Rose, and David Jacobey.

He has some advice for future WPCD personalities.

“Have fun with it,” he said. “Do the show the way you want to do it.”