Profiles of Parkland: Ben Boltinghouse

Scott Wells

Staff Writer

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Photo of Boltinghouse by Scott Wells

Ben Boltinghouse is a member of Parkland’s Public Safety team, serving in the new position of college relations officer.

Boltinghouse served as a police officer in Decatur for approximately a year prior to coming to Parkland three and a half years ago. Not only is his position new to him, but it is new to Parkland as well.

“The college relations officer has a variety of responsibilities, but they all boil down to community engagement,” he said.

The new position will impact both students and staff.

“The goal is that the position will facilitate enriched interaction between the Public Safety office and both the college and community at large,” he said. “Trust is something that is built over time, and I hope that in time my office in U138 will be known as a safe space for someone who needs help or just someone to talk to. I have an open door policy for any student, staff, or visitor needs.”

Boltinghouse says he always looks forward to the upcoming term.

“Every year that goes by the freshmen keep getting younger. At the start of every semester it’s exciting to see people on the verge of discovering what their futures will hold,” he said.

Born just outside of Cincinnati, Boltinghouse grew up in Champaign. A graduate of the University of Illinois, he studied both political science and Spanish. There, he met his wife whom he married after they graduated.

He hopes to further develop the role of college relations officer and potentially move up the ladder in Parkland’s police department.

“For now I’m going to focus on completing the goals of the position and strengthening the relationship between the community and the department,” he said. “I’ve also just completed my MBA in applied management, and eventually would like to obtain a supervisory position within the police department.”

When Boltinghouse isn’t helping keep our campus safe, he enjoys spending time with his baby daughter, and he is a fan of many podcasts including “Revisionist History,” “Common Sense with Dan Carlin,” and “Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period.”