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  • image Sleep deprivation’s effect Sleep deprivation’s effect on students

    The fast approaching end of the semester and promise of summer break brings a change in the students of Parkland College. Often in the weeks following spring break, previously focused, sharp students become lethargic and distracted.

  • image Resources for undecided majors at Parkland Resources for undecided majors at Parkland

    Some people know from a young age what career they want, so choosing a college major is an easy task. For others, the decision of choosing what they want to do for their career is a daunting choice that has left them struggling for an answer during their first two years at college.

  • image Study skills part two: Study Skills Part Two: Finishing the semester strong

    With all the extra points, this is the perfect opportunity to improve class grades, even if the first part of the semester didn’t go so well. Here are a few tips to help make final exam preparation more effective with less effort.

  • image 10 tips for having a blast on a budget 10 tips for having a blast on a budget

    If you think you’re the only one with a tight budget, think again! In a recent Student Health 101 survey, 50 percent of respondents said their approximate weekly budget for social activities is 20 dollars or less, and more than 20 percent set aside 10 dollars or less. Here are some tips to keep your weekends full but cheap.

  • images 6 ways to ace your next paper 6 Ways to Ace Your Next Paper

    It’s time to write a paper. Here are steps for filling up that blank screen with a winning composition.

  • image How to make the most of your morning How to Make the Most of Your Morning

    There isn’t anything inherently wrong with being a night owl. But most academic programs and jobs have morning hours. Varsity sports may even practice before dawn.

    There are also many other reasons to get up early

  • image The 101: Crack the job hunt code Student Health 101: Crack the Job Listing Code

    Lots of students focus on perfecting a cover letter and résumé, and acing an interview. But did you know there’s an art to the job search itself?

  • image Effective listening a good tool for students Effective listening a good tool for students

    Active listening refers to the goal of truly understanding what someone says. Facilitating a conversation where the speaker feels heard is a crucial part of good communication.

  • image Do smartphone traffic apps really work? Do smartphone traffic apps really work?

    Mobile apps promise real-time traffic info, but — honk! honk! — picking the best route is still a gamble.

    It’s the commuter’s constant question: Stay the course despite the traffic jam or stray in search of a faster route?

    Winter weather only ups the ante.

  • image So Social: Messy Facebook? Clean it up So Social: Messy Facebook? Clean it up

    When I used to look at my Facebook, I immediately thought of that junk drawer in the kitchen that barely opens and closes. So much stuff, so hard to organize.

    It’s my fault that it took so long, b

  • image Public Safety gives advice on traffic stops Public Safety gives advice on traffic stops

    Getting pulled over is something that happens to most people at some point in their lives, and although they usually talk through the general procedures in driver’s education, sometimes it can be tough to remember it all when it’s actually happening.

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  • image So Social So Social: In social media, thinking small can be big

    If you could make a big difference in your life in just a few minutes, wouldn't you want to do it? Assuming you answered yes, I have five things you can do quickly and painlessly on social media that I think you'll love.

  • image As economy heals, thriftness thrives As economy heals, thriftiness thrives

    These days, the economy has improved. Local unemployment is 6.2 percent, slightly better than the national average. Home prices are going up.

    Still, for people like Garcia, the lessons about thriftiness learned during the dark times haven’t gone away. Garcia works full time. But she also does what she can to save cash, buying cheaper clothes for her kids and shopping at thrift stores for herself.

  • Public Safety gives students advice on new laws

    Another law that has received attention from the media is the total ban on the use of electronic communication devices while you’re driving a motor vehicle. This means that whether you’re texting, calling someone, or scrolling through songs on your iPhone, it’s illegal to have any electronic device, whether it’s a cell phone, personal digital assistant, or portable/mobile computer (iPods and other electronic media players fall into this category) in your hands while you’re driving.