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Interview with the band Gold Fields

Published: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 11:04

WPCD recently went to Austin, Texas to cover SXSW Music Festival. One band that really caught our attention was Australian band, Gold Fields. We were able to catch up with Vin and Mark of Gold Fields after the show to ask them a few questions. Between cracking jokes and charming us with their Australian accents, Vin and Mark let us in on some info about how Gold Fields got their start, the new album and touring in America.

WPCD: Why did you choose the name Gold Fields?

GF: We had to change our name. We used to be called The Woods, but we thought that was too common. It was just one night driving home from band practice in Melvin, driving back to our home town in Ballarat, we saw a sign that said, “Welcome to the Gold Fields,” so we just thought that we should call the band Gold Fields.

WPCD: How did the band form?

GF: Four of us went to high school together, so we’ve sort of known each other for about ten years. Vin and I (Mark) had played in bands together before this and Ryan is from Melvin which is about an hour and a half from Ballarat. We used to tour with Ryan’s band and then we sort of started this and start jamming and then we got together with Rob and Luke who were our friends from school but had never been in bands before. We asked them if they wanted to start jamming and writing songs with us. And here we are, that’s sort of how it started.

WPCD: What was the recording process like for the EP that you guys put out in September?

GF: Those were basically the first four songs that we ever wrote as a band. We demoed them in my (Vin) house and then ended up re-recording them at my house just off of those demos, making them sound better. We got it mixed by Scott Horscroft in Australia and that was the process. It was really laid back and it was good to be involved in the whole process, we wrote and recorded and got to pick Scott to mix. It was actually only released three days ago here in America, on Itunes.

WPCD: Do you guys have a favorite song from the EP?

GF: Um, no. We hate them all. Haha, no, just kidding, it’s too hard to pick just one. They’re all okay. Do you have brothers and sisters? [WPCD: Yes] Which is your favorite? [WPCD: um, neither] See? It’s the same thing. To me (Vin), my favorite one would be “Moves,” off of the EP.

WPCD: You guys are here in Austin for SXSW, have you guys done a lot of festivals or is this sort of your first time?

GF: At home we have, we’ve played a lot of festivals at home last summer and sort of the summer before when we were just starting to play shows. So we had the chance to play a few then. We’ve been pretty lucky to jump on a fair few, but here in America, yeah, this is our first one here.

WPCD: Do you prefer touring to doing festivals?

GF: I (Mark) prefer our own shows, just because it’s people that bought a ticket to come and see us so it’s sort of more down to enjoy it. Festivals are good as well because you see the crowd sort of warm to you as you’re playing, which is exciting as well. I don’t know, doing your own show it’s like you’re doing what you should be doing. Playing festivals is, in a way easier, because you’re looked after a lot more. Usually, sometimes they put us up in a nice place to stay which is nice because we usually stay in our van.

WPCD: Have you done any touring in America?

GF: No, this is the first. Well, we’re not really touring, we’re doing a few shows in LA, Aussie Barbeque, and then we came to South by (SXSW) to play a few shows, we go to New York tomorrow to play two shows there and then back to LA for another two shows and then on in San Diego. I guess it’s sort of a tour, a short tour, but hopefully we’ll be back later in the year.

WPCD: Are you guys liking America so far?

GF: We love it, we want to move here!

WPCD: What do you guys have planned for the rest of the year?

GF: When we get back to Australia, we’ve got a festival tour and then we’ve got our own headlining tour. Then we’re going to release the new album, hopefully we can be here for that, in August. Then we’ll hopefully be in America for a few months and tour the album here and that’s about it. The Album is the big thing for this year.  

Look for Gold Fields new album out in August. More information about Gold Fields can be found at and on Twitter @Gold_fields. As always, you can hear Gold Fields and tons of other great SXSW artists on 88.7 WPCD FM.

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