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Happy Father’s Day!

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Published: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 11:03


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A day associated with backyard grilling, playing catch and watching sports, Father’s Day is a day for dads to have their way. First celebrated in West Virginia in 1908, this holiday has been a symbol of summer and a tribute to parenting for over a decade.

As we approach the time of year when we are closer to Father’s Day than we were a week ago, stores and students alike begin preparing to celebrate the men who have impacted their lives.

“Isn’t Father’s Day sometime in May? Or is that Mother’s Day?” asked Parkland student Leonard Learner.

Other students had a similar reaction when asked what they had planned for the holiday. “Is that happening soon? I thought it was in like September,” business major Lindsay Lockman said.

One student, Lauren Lubbers, said that she already has a gift. “It’s a new golf club that he wanted. I got it for his birthday, which I thought was in February, but it turns out isn’t until June. Father’s Day is before June, right? Otherwise I don’t really have a present for Father’s Day; I just still have a birthday present.”

On the other hand, businesses are preparing for the holiday in their own way.

Larry Leechman, a manager at the Champaign MegaUltraSuperMart, said that he is already preparing for the iconic holiday. “The displays are already assembled and we plan to begin our advertising campaign within the next month. We know that sometimes people have a hard time remembering when exactly Father’s Day is, so this is our way of helping them remember.”

While stores are busy reminding their customers about holidays, the customers are busy reminiscing about Father’s Days passed.

Holidays often hold some of the strongest memories, and when Parkland students were asked about their favorite Father’s Day memories, they had a lot to say.

“One year, when I was probably 7 or 8 years old, we went to the beach and had a cookout,” said Lockman. “I think it was pretty warm so maybe Father’s Day isn’t in September. It must be August or July.”

Learner recalled a Father’s Day when he and his dad played golf together. “It was such an awesome feeling, to be about 10 years old and go to the golf course with my dad, to be treated like an adult. I think that was on Father’s Day. Maybe it was Memorial Day, or Veteran’s Day? Anyway, we played golf and it was cool.”

Even Larry Leechman had a Father’s Day memory to share. “My mom and I always used to go to the store every Sunday for groceries. She and I would always get his Father’s Day present the week we saw the Father’s Day advertisement in the store. So, what I associate most with Father’s Day is the advertisement because without it I wouldn’t know when Father’s Day is. I bet that you could trick people into thinking that Father’s Day was months before the actual date, with the right advertising.”

Father’s Day is a day for golf, for going to the beach, for cookouts and for spending time with an important role model in your life. However you decide to celebrate, just make sure you do it on the right day.

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