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Glitches, changes spoil Dead Space 3

Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 22:02

image video game Dead Space 3

Screenshot courtesy of MCT

image video game Dead Space 3

Photo by JoJo Rhinehart/Prospectus News

EA Games released Dead Space 3, an action and horror game, on Tuesday, February 5.

“Dead Space 3” is the third main game in the “Dead Space” franchise. The game, once again, follows Isaac Clark and his battle against the Necromorphs, which are the reanimated bodies of the dead deformed by alien genes. The series has been known for its science fiction story with survival horror element gameplay.

“Dead Space 3” is set sometime after the second game in the series and things have gone much worse than they were in the previous games.

The game starts off on a pretty intense note with the last remaining member of Earth’s military coming to get Clark off the planet.

The Unitologists, a group of extremist religious individuals, have started overthrowing earth’s government and are activating the markers from previous games to cause another Necromorph outbreak.

As the game progresses, Isaac and his comrades discover what they believe to be the planet that is the source of the Necromorphs. The majority of the game takes place here, but the beginning is a laborious process to get there.

“Dead Space 3” starts off as one of the most boring action games in years. “Dead Space” is a franchise known for its survival horror elements which have been, for the most part, stripped out of this game.

The beginning of the game completely takes place in space as the player tries to find a way down to the supposed Necromorph planet. Isaac travels from destroyed ship to destroyed ship trying to find more resources to safely make it down to the planet.

Nothing inherently scary happens. What made the first two games so great wasn’t necessarily horror, but Isaac was always falling into madness as he was hallucinating about talking with his dead girlfriend.

In “Dead Space 3,” Isaac is about as sane as anyone could ever be and he seems nearly like a flawless character, if not for the rivalry with the character that is dating Isaacs’s girlfriend from the end of “Dead Space 2.”

The game does finally pick up and grow into its new form when the player reaches the planet.

The game's story takes a huge step up and everything is really intriguing, until the end of the game where “Dead Space 3” does the exact same thing that “Assassins Creed 3” and “Mass Effect 3” did with their endings.

Everything that people had grown to love about this franchise seems to have been ripped out and replaced.

What made the game hard before was that the player could only hold so many things in their inventory, including the different types of ammunition for each of their guns.

Now, ammo is universal and works for all guns. No longer is there any inventory management. There is never a worry of running out of any ammo, either. The game practically gives the player a constant injection of ammo at every corner.

The other thing they’ve done wrong is to outfit all of the suits the player wears with the exact same specs. Upgrading your rig upgrades all suits which are all default and just look different.

In previous games, it was a big deal to get money to get a new suit that would increase the player’s inventory limit, their shields and give them other perks. Now it’s just all the same and it’s boring.

The new weapons system is both an improvement and a downgrade. It’s cool to be able to craft and upgrade weapons. The double weapons are really impressive and versatile. But only having two weapon slots instead of the original four is a huge step back.

The way to craft weapons and upgrade them requires a new resource system. In the previous games, the player could buy these things using credits. Now the player must scavenge resources to be able to get the best stuff.

These things would've been great in “Dead Space” or “Dead Space 2.” They would've added to the survival horror elements and made strategy and choices much harder. But in “Dead Space 3,” where the horror has been toned down and it’s now an action game, this system is just frustrating.

Worse yet is the fact that EA added a micro-transaction system into the franchise. The player now has the option of buying resources with real money. There’s a way to get a lot of resources in the game using a resource collector but even it is limited because to get the most resources out of it, the player has to buy the upgrades using real money.

The good things about “Dead Space 3” don’t happen until the player reaches the planet. All of the types of Necromorphs and some new ones make an appearance or at the very least, a cameo. This makes it so that the player constantly has to switch strategies.

New enemies in this game are the Unitologist soldiers who, while easier to kill than Necromorphs, have guns and rocket launchers. When fighting breaks out between all three groups, the player can strategize and help one of the groups finish the other group before finishing them off.

One annoying thing that returned is the invincible regenerating enemies. They can’t be killed and they are just a cheap way of making the game needlessly harder. While no one will probably run out of ammo, it’s annoying to be wasting it on these bullet-sponges.

“Dead Space 3” is also riddled with glitches. Shotgun blasts miss at point blank range. When enemies attack the player and they go into a real time event, the camera will go into a wonky angle so the player can’t see the rest of the enemies and they’ll take unwarranted extra damage.

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