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Black History Month Faculty Profile: Dr. Willie Fowler

Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 20:02

Dr. Willie Fowler

Photo courtesy of Dr. Willie Fowler

Black History Month is a time dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments of Africans, both American and otherwise, that is celebrated all throughout the world.

Dr. Willie Fowler, Political Science professor at Parkland, is considered by many to be one of the most admired instructors that the school has to offer.

The thing that students admire most about him is his style of teaching. He’s very engaged in each and every topic. Even as a professor, Fowler maintains the enthusiasm and excitement for the subject matter more often attributed to students new to the field.

Fowler is not only a terrific instructor, but also someone that any student at Parkland would benefit from knowing. Not just because of his nature, but because his knowledge of politics in and out of the state is phenomenal.

It is almost as if the man was born to teach. Fowler brings out a different aspect of teaching, and is unlike some teachers in that he offers ample opportunities for students to engage with each other just as he engages with his students.

“I just always like to share information, my brother was a teacher. Technology was also another reason, but it all falls down to the fact that I’ve always enjoyed sharing information, interacting with students, working with students and dispensing information,” Fowler said.

Sharing information is something that Fowler does well. It all comes down to how much knowledge you have and how well you can disperse it to the class as a whole.

People may ask, why Political Science? Why teach about something that gets more complex each and every day? For Fowler, it all comes down to what you love to do and what you feel you are suited for the most.

“I was on my way to baseball practice at Whitney Young High School in Chicago and I was crossing the street to catch a bus and a young lady ran a light, a drunk driver, and she smashed me; broke my ribs and put me in a hospital,” Fowler recounted.

“After experiencing that, it made me want to get involved in changing laws and changing lives and so I decided I wanted to teach political science from that point on.”

Overall, Fowler has had many memorable moments as an instructor and has had a great teaching career that will continue into the future.

“I’ve had several very good moments at Parkland. My first, naturally, greatest moment was when I was hired here at Parkland when I was in law school.”

“Another great moment I had was when I received the rank of tenure. Another great moment was when I was promoted to full professor recently.”

“And finally, another good moment was when I received my results pack from my teacher evaluation, which told me that students really enjoyed the course. So I’ve had not just one very good moment here,” Fowler explained.

Fowler is a tremendous teacher in many ways. One is that he expects the best out of all his students on every assignment.

“Recently, one of the counselors said that she thought that every student needed to take my course. As I read my teacher evaluations, several students wrote that they thought every student needs to study, to work hard, to interact with their teacher and to ask good questions,” Fowler said.

These are just the traits that Fowler seeks to encourage in the students of his class. And it is these traits that will serve them well in further courses and in their professional life, as well.

Fowler is not only an exceptional teacher, but as mentioned earlier, he brings a different style of teaching to the plate. He embodies a fun style in the classroom and encourages his students to do the same.

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