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An Education Will Get You More Than A Diploma

Assistant Editor

Published: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 13:06


Burke Stanion

There are many obvious perks to being a student including an education, a place to meet friends, a quiet place to study, and cheap(er) housing. However, a perk that isn't often brought to everyone's attention would be the benefits of having an .edu email address.

By having a valid .edu address and being able to verify that you are an active student, there are many companies willing to provide students with heavily discounted, or even free, computer software, hardware, and other services.

One of the most far-reaching opportunities offered to students would be free membership to Amazon Prime. According to the website you can get, "Amazon Prime shipping benefits free for one year." This includes free two day shipping, and the ability to upgrade to one day shipping for only four dollars.

Microsoft is another company that offers extreme benefits for students, most of which are listed on their website, Microsoft explains the discounts students receive on this website, and they include an upgrade to Windows 7 Professional for only $29.99, Microsoft Office Professional, which includes Word 2010, Excel 2010, Powerpoint 2010, Outlook 2010, OneNote 2010, Publisher 2010, and Access 2010, for only $79.99 (retails for $279.99). Microsoft also offers Office Professional for Macs for only $99.99, and the Office Language Pack for only $9.99.

Adobe offers up to 80% off of almost all of their products for students and teachers. Although the exact amount of the discount does vary dependent upon the product and school, it seems as though the verification of enrollment is not very labor intensive and the discount can be very worthwhile. According to the Adobe website, the only stipulation is that each individual may only purchase one platform of each software program per year.

Apple offers extensive discounts for students as well. For the MacBook Pro, students save anywhere from $100 to $200. Students can also save $200 on an iMac desktop. However, even on less expensive items, students average a savings of up to $50. With such steep discounts, it is important for students who prefer Apple products to make any purchases they desire before graduation. These student discount purchases can be applied to products purchased in store or online. Also, like the Adobe limitations, students may only buy one laptop and one desktop per year.

Dell's website is currently offering an exclusive deal for students where, if they buy a selected PC, they can receive an X-Box for free. Considering that the X-Box is, on average, a $300 investment, this is a sizeable discount.

Two of the major cell phone providers, Sprint and Verizon, both offer student discounts on every bill of up to 25%. Some employers also offer discounts, and sometimes both discounts can be applied simultaneously. These discounts usually offer a little more proof than an e-mail address, and sometimes must be put in place in person, but are worth the effort that it takes.

The best place to find a wide variety of student discounts is Although the discounts on this website are not necessarily found only there, it is a great collection of almost every student discount that is offered. By having this resource readily available, it is a great way to see if a purchase price could be decreased just for being a student.

It can be easy to forget about the discounts and free products offered by many companies exclusively to students, but it is a great way to save money, or even to try new products for free. Take advantage of every opportunity that is offered while you still can, because it is hard to remain a student forever!

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