Images: Parkland’s literary and visual arts magazine

Destiny Norris

Staff Writer

Images is a Parkland magazine designed to showcase students’ literary and visual artwork.

It was founded in 1981 under the direction of Joe Harris, then the Department of Humanities chair. It showcases the work of current Parkland students according to Miranda Baur, Prospectus News’ production supervisor, who now heads up the project.

Baur says her role with the magazine is to compile it. The sole worker on the project, Baur is in the process of encouraging students to submit their work to be published in the magazine.

“Currently, I’m reaching out for and collecting submissions,” Baur says. “After the deadline, I’ll compile them into a book and it’ll be printed on campus.”

Any current Parkland student can submit to Images.

“The great thing about Images is the breadth of submissions,” says Baur. “Two years ago, there was a section on architectural designs in the magazine. I’ve seen some really great packaging and logo designs from graphic design classes in magazines, too.”

Students may submit up to six images and works of prose. Prose can be a maximum of five pages, double-spaced. Poetry can be a maximum of two pages, double-spaced.

Despite Images, which is printed in Parkland’s own print shop, being such a readily-available resource for students to get their work seen and represented, many people don’t know much about it.

“I’m not sure why Images isn’t well known,” says Baur. “It was one of the things I was excited about when I started at Parkland in the fall. When I found a copy of Images, I was blown away by the quality of work by Parkland students. It’s wonderful to see a thriving creative scene on a college campus—I’m hoping many of those students submit to this year’s edition of Images.”

Though it does take work to put the magazine together, since the goal is to get student work into the hands of other students, as well as the public, Images is a free resource.

“Students can always stop by and ask for one,” Baur says.

The magazine will be available in Student Life in the U-wing.

Utilizing resources like Images can also be highly beneficial to students in the community college demographic, Baur says.

For students in the arts, getting work seen is a solid way to enter the professional world. Being published, regardless of whether it is by their own college, can be groundbreaking for students, and is often the first chance they get to showcase the work they’ve done. Images magazine is an outlet for students to hone their talents in order to become better at creating.

To get work into Images, students may submit high-quality photos and  their written work to