Humans of Parkland: Katie Kuska

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Photo of Katie Kuska by Scott Wells

Scott Wells

Staff Writer

Student-athlete Katie Kuska had little trouble deciding what she wanted to major in when she came to Parkland.

“I picked communications because I love to talk, and I hate math,” she said. “I have always enjoyed doing PowerPoints and presentations and being creative with my work. I prefer to be hands on, and not simply reading from a textbook.”

Kuska graduated from Pontiac Township High School where she was involved in FFA, student council, National Honor Society, volleyball, and softball.

Softball is what ultimately brought her to the Parkland campus.

“I played softball since I was about nine,” Kuska said. “I don’t know exactly why I chose softball, but there was always just something about it. I love to dive and having a dirty uniform after the game was always something I strived for.”

Prior to beginning her senior year in Pontiac, Kuska had already decided that Parkland was where she would begin her collegiate studies.

“I was recruited (to play softball) the summer after my junior year by Coach Clutts, and after visiting Parkland, I knew this was where I wanted to come,” she said. “I don’t know how to explain it, but the other schools I visited did not make me want to go there. I just had a good feeling about Parkland.”

Along with her teammates, a great deal of Kuska’s time during the semester is spent practicing, traveling, and representing Parkland on the ball field. According to Kuska, this intensity is exactly what she needs to keep her studies on track.

“Honestly, being an athlete is the reason I am so good with time management. I am a big procrastinator, and if I didn’t play softball and had hours to do my homework, I would wait until the last minute,” she said. “Knowing I need to finish my homework before game day gives me motivation to get it done. It also gives me a reason to strive for good grades in order to stay eligible and to not have to go to study tables.”

The upcoming spring semester will be Kuska’s last at Parkland. While she looks forward to getting back on the diamond, she has also begun to reflect upon her time here.

“I have honestly had the best year and a half of my life so far,” she said. “The people I have met here are the prime reason I love it so much.”

Kuska also realizes that she has been fortunate, and she doesn’t take it lightly.

“Overall, I think that college is what you make of it. I know people who hate where they’re at and complain about having to go to class,” she said. “I don’t mind going to class and I know how privileged I am to have the opportunity to be [both] a college athlete and student. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”