Parkland Theatre’s ‘Noises off!’ sure to please

Sierra Benson

Staff Writer

Parkland’s rendition of “Noises Off!”, a farce written by Michael Frayn, will debut in the Harold and Jean Miner Theatre on Nov. 12. Christine Sevec-Johnson directs a cast of actors and actresses not just from Parkland, but the local community as well. The play features Malia Andrus, Tafadzwa Diener, Warren Garver, Jace Jamison, Leon Likao, Lincoln Machula, Evan Seggebruch, Jamie Simmering and Chell Tyler.

Essentially, “Noises Off!” is a play within a play. It is a show that demonstrates how hectic circumstances could arise backstage while performing a play. Also, it implies that no two viewings072_Noisesoff! of a play are ever identical. The setting takes place in England and the play the actors are trying to perform is a comedy called “Nothing On.”

“It’s been called one of the greatest farces ever written. It’s a very ambitious play… It’s definitely a crowd pleaser,” said Dallas Street, theater marketing and business manager.

There is a history and background with this particular play that the average viewer may not know about. In fact, Parkland has done this exact play before, in 1993. The majority of currently enrolled students were either infants or not even born

“It’s a very physical show. Lots of door slamming, lots of falling down, running up and down stairs,” Street said about what guests can expect to see. “There are a lot of misplaced props so you watch them try to improvise their way out of these situations,”

Sam Reuter, a lighting design major who worked on the show, explained that the entire set revolves. In other words, a single person can change the back backdrop from one scene into another just by turning it in a semi-circular motion. One side is used as the backdrop for the “Nothing On” play and the other side resembles the backstage. Also, the backstage scenes are lit blue and everyone talks a bit quieter, but not too quiet for the audience. Everyone in the play is at each other’s throats trying to sabotage one another.

Because the play is set in England, speaking in British accents was an interesting challenge for the actors.

“You notice it’s there, I’ve never been to England so I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, but it sounds good to me. It’s not unpleasant to listen to. It’s very low-key, very subtle,” Reuter said.

Reuter commented that despite having been involved with the play, he still found it incredibly fun to watch.

“I was able to watch the whole show… For some reason there was so much energy, and everything just clicked together, and it was hilarious! Even though I was already familiar with some of the jokes it was amazing. I’m really looking forward to the show opening night.”

Reservations can be made online at or by calling 217/351-2528.