iMAGES Magazine 2015 is accepting submissions!

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iMAGES Magazine is an annual student-designed, student-judged, student-art magazine featuring works of photography, poetry, graphic design, short stories, drawings and more from students of Parkland College in Champaign, IL. iMAGES Magazine 2015 is now accepting student submissions! Go to to find out more!

You can view the guidelines to submit your work through that link, or you can read them below.



Do you want to submit your work to be considered for publication in Parkland College’s 2015 edition of iMAGES Magazine?
Be sure to read through this whole page! Failure to properly submit work may result in being removed from consideration.


1. You MUST be a registered student at Parkland College.

2. Your submission must be YOUR OWN WORK and have been created within the last year.

3. You recognize that by submitting your work, you are giving iMAGES Magazine consent to publish your work and use it however they wish in relation to iMAGES Magazine. Your work will never be altered from its original submission. Your work will always be your own, and IF iMAGES Magazine chooses to publish or share your work, you will be properly credited.

4. Your submission does not guarantee a spot in the magazine. All submissions will be judged by a panel of student-judges and the submissions with the most votes will be published. Judges will NOT not know who the artist is of the submission they are judging.

5. You may submit a total of (6) pieces. A total of (3) submissions per student may be accepted to be featured in the magazine. If you do submit more than six total pieces (not including your bio) the extra pieces will be deleted at random and will not be considered for publication. Choose wisely.

6. You may help judge the entries. Interested students should email All judges are also allowed to submit work, but may not judge their own submissions.


Click “Home” or go to

Select “Writer Signup” in the top right corner.

Fill out the form

Green submissions should send you a link to your email asking you to confirm. Once you do, you should be taken to your home page.

On the home page, select “submit.”

-You may have a total of (6) submissions. This does not include a required submission of your personal biography and photo. For this submission, the title should be “BIO.” Upload your favorite Selfie or headshot (make it appropriate!) and type in a short artist statement or bio about yourself. You only need to submit this bio once, so ignore that last box for the rest of your submissions.


Select your submission type.

Type in your title AS YOU WANT IT TO APPEAR above your work (you may use punctuation, ignore that note).

In the text-submission box, enter your:
NAME as you would like it to appear with your work
EMAIL – the email Parkland College gave you.
ID – Your Parkland ID number (to confirm you are a current student)
MEDIUM/TOOLS – What did you use to create your work? ie. acrylic, pen, Ableton, Nikon, Matte paper, etc.

Choose the file you want to attach. Make sure the file is PRINT READY. If you are submitting text, make sure the text is formatted as you want it to appear.

Skip the “biography” box, but make sure to submit your final “BIO” submission, described above.


You will be notified if your submissions are accepted.

If you have any questions or need assistance submitting your work, please contact Billi Jo Hart at